Heatex Heavy Duty Industrial Tools comprise of Impact Sockets & Manually Operated Sockets & Accessories, Slugging Wrenches, Special Wrenches, Torque Wrenches & Manual Torque Multipliers, Tools Kits/Boxes.

All Tools are used on various applications covering Production, Assembly Lines, Maintenance of Plant & Machinery Services.

All Industries, Manufacturing Units & Workshops use our Tools vi9z. Automobile Industry, Petrochemicals & Refineries, Fertilizers & Chemical Plants, Shipping & Aircraft Industries, Oil & Gas based Industries, or any vital Industry.


Application :-

  1. Heatex Heavy Duty, Impact Sockets for use with Power Tools, Industrial Black finish in both Single hexagon and Bi-hexagon types.

    Square Drive sizes range between 3/8" to 2-1/2". Higher square drive sizes can be manufactured on required against orders.

    Across Flat sizes between 6mm to 160mm in Metric sizes and between 1/4" to 61/4" in the SAE Series (Inches).

    Non-Standard sizes can be manufactured and provided in both the Metric and the SAE Series (Inches).

  2. Heatex Heavy Duty Industrial Sockets for Mannual Operations, Industrial Black finish, in Bi-hexagon type.

    Sqare Drive sizes range between 3/8" to 1".

    Across Flat sizes between 6mm to 85mm in Metric sizes and between 1/4" to 3-3/8" in the SAE Series (Inches).

  3. All Accessories for either impact applications of Mannual application are available in square drive sizes between 3/8" to 2-1/2". Accessories comprise of Extension bars, Square Adapters, Universal Joints, L-handles, T-handles, Swivel Handles, Sqare Couplers, etc.